Love sms message

  • The day I fell in love with you
    is the day I knew what was trulyIMG-20150426-WA0008
    true. The day I found you is
    when I found myself, for you
    have help me become the best.
    You are mine and I am yours
    and forever shall it be
  • You are my smile in the mornings and you are my rest at night as we lay besides each other and feel the warmth of our emotions that combinde our destiny together ! you are my every second ,, and i dont whant to ever mis one of You!!!
  • Wake up & look outside the window, The sun is Rising for u, Flowers are smiling for u and Birds are singing for u just b’coz last nyt itold them to wish u agoodmorning. LOVE U!
  • Time an distance are important btw friend,wen a friend is in your heart,they remain there foreva.i may b busy but i assure u,u ar always on my heart

By K.Cole