Love sms message


  • If I wouldn’t have met you, my heart would have still been sad. Thank you for appearing into my life and for stealing my heart and for making my life prettier. I LOVE YOU! From the bottom of my heart!
  • A candle may melt and it’s flame may die,but the love i have for will always remain as a flame in my heart.
  • Evry m0rning wen i wake up i thnk of da mst imp0rtant person in my lyf,n dat person whch is u bby i lav u across all these ocean. . . gud m0rning n enj0y da rest of ur dy n dnt forget 2 kip on smilling
  • I have a key 2 share it with u,so please help me 2 take care of the key bcos de key is much important 2 us bcos is the key 2 unlock love& happiness in our hearts.



   By Maame Afya Wusuaa



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