Funny love message

  • I wake up this morning and found my phalus swell up. I run to doctor he took me lab did you no the result of my test? the computer told me that i think of you too much and only remedy to my sickness is to hug and kiss you only.
  • i asked God to give me a lover n he gave me you when i asked him why u he asked ‘i thot u asked for the best….i love u sweetheart
  • if there is anything I can use to qualify the name LOVE I will qualify the love I have for you with it… babe I love more than love
  • Your smile can be compared to a flower
    Your voice can be compared to a cuckoo
    Your innocence to a child
    But in stupidity you have no comparison
    You’re the best!
  • To gaze up is not easy for me,to scot down is a trouble,to stand up is difficult,to bend down na big wahala.i was told to visit the doctor.On getting to the doctor, the doctor prescribed a drug by name LOVE to use it for the rest of my lifetime so as to prevent u want me to DIE?if yes show me ur LOVE and if no WHY?


Funny love video HERE

Funny love video